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So, I made ramp pesto the other night, using all the lovely ramps I got at the Union Sq Farmer’s Market. I had lovingly washed, cleaned and dried 2 bunches and promptly forgot about them in my crisper, but thanks to the Debbie Meyer Green Bags, they lasted a good 2 weeks! Seriously, those green bags really work.

Anyway, I wanted to use the ramps before I really ran out of luck and they rotted away. I decided to make a pesto, a lovely to preserve the pungent rampy flavor and make it last for many, many dishes.

Into the Vitamix went the ramps, olive oil, salt and pepper. In seconds, I had a lovely kelly green ramp pesto. It’s amazing how much the flavor intensifies! Super garlicky - use sparingly - but absolutely delicious.

I plan to use it on many upcoming meals. So far, I’ve used it to amp up my creamy tomato soup, but I think it would be lovely on top of pizza too. Stay tuned for how I use my ramp pesto.

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